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Mr. Chng Weng Wah, Eddie
Chairman / Director

Joined FASA in 2010 and boosted the company balance sheet with an injection of new funds.
Expand FASA sales network globally into USA and Asia.
Manage and focus FASA financial position and ensure a healthy margin as the company grows.
Provide long term direction to FASA to ensure long term growth sustainability.
Dr Chua Eng Hwa
Founder/ Chief Executive Officer/ Chief Technology Officer

Founded FASA in 1988.
24 years of top management experience.
Has provided leadership to the company from inception and through several major economic crises over more than a decade, including
  the Asian financial crisis.
Inventor, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Visionary Leader, Strategist & Team Builder.
Deep passion for technology.
Adept in rapid generation of innovative new concepts, ideas and 3D drawings.
Track record of successful development and deployment of more than 500 new, high-precision, high-speed and complex systems.
Holds world-wide patents.
As a Technopreneur, Dr. Chua recognizes the importance of fusing technical knowledge and competencies of the people in the creation
  of a competitive product.
Click here to learn more of Dr. Chua’ management philosophy and a fascinating, real-life account of his wonderful journey as a
Mr. Lua Kim Teng
Co-founder/ Vice President - Sales

Co-founded FASA in 1989.
Track record of success in developing new customers and market penetration in highly competitive markets.
Ability to interface with customers, grasp customer system and process requirements and rapidly translate them into machine
Possesses invaluable traits such as vision, leadership, patience, relationship building, communication, negotiation, and motivation skills.
Mr. Alvin Tan
Vice President - Sales

Joined FASA in 1994.
Seasoned professional and industry veteran with more than 18 years of proven track record.
Direct, hands-on expertise of all phases of project realization cycle – from design to commissioning of a large number of state-of-the-art
  projects for diverse applications.
Highly competent in performing concept analysis & manufacturability analysis.
CRM of key accounts, outstanding negotiation and team building skills.
Excellent presentation skills, with the ability to demystify and articulate complex technical issues.